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14 Interesting Ribbed Condoms You Should Check Out

One Tantric Pleasures Condom; the pleasure to behold! At first sight everything seems conventional, but the One Tantric Pleasures Condom is absolutely in a class of its own from the word go. It may have seemed that improvement in inventions were for those who invented gadgets, automobiles and other information technology apparatuses, but the inventors […]

My.Size 47mm condoms

Using the right-sized condom is important both for your safety and enjoyment. A condom that’s too tight can reduce the amount of sensation you feel, making lovemaking a less pleasurable experience. A condom that’s too wide, on the other hand, can easily slip off and increase your chances of getting your partner pregnant. So what […]

LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure

lifestyles-ribbed-pleasureIf you want to give your lovely lady and yourself a pleasurable experience then you need to pick up some LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure Condoms. The Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure condom has deep ridges all along the shaft. Even with the small and light strokes your partners might be able to feel these ridges and get a […]

Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms

Impulse condom brand is maybe not world known, but their Impulse Bare Pleasure condom suprised a lot of people and it quickly became popular among the ‘ribbed’ and ‘pleasure’ condom types. Their popularity is due to their combination of both ribs and studs. Let’s take a little look. The shaft of the Impulse Bare Pleasure […]

Atlas true fit condom

Atlas True Fit condom is designed with a secure, snug fit and contoured shape. Aside from the tailored shaft that will provide a tighter and secure fit, the contoured head will offer increased sensitivity and sensation while the lubrication offers extra glide and enhanced enjoyment. These condoms are also narrower and shorter than the standard […]