What is the Best Place to Hide a Condom?

Condoms are necessities and that’s a fact. But being caught in possession of them all the time is not exactly a good thing (no matter if they’re small or large). It may leave a lot of negative connotations about you among your friends, parents, strangers, or even your own partner. They may think that you are sexually active or are promiscuous, when all you really wanted is to be 100% protected.

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condom caseSo, where is the best place to discreetly hide a condom? Well, it really depends where you want it. If it’s going to be in your own bedroom you can use a pocket of an old coat or in the cabinet to hide it. These are popular discreet places where condoms are normally kept. However, there’s nothing more ideal getting a condom case exactly for that purpose.

Special condom cases are the best places to keep a condom. The cases are specially made to protect the condom and make them safe, while effectively keeping it away from the public’s view. There are different condom cases available, many of them even come in trendy designs that women will love. Condom cases are easily available from stores. One can get them at a cheap price, which is not really more than the price of a box of condom itself.

Never place a condom in your wallet because it could either dry up or get damaged in there. It is better to place a condom in the secret compartment of a purse. Better yet, put it inside a condom case first before placing it inside. That is indeed the most discreet place to hide a condom and keep it handy for all those naughty times that you need to protect yourself yet enjoy all the pleasure that you want all at the same time.