Are Snug Fit Condoms for You?

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Condoms are essential intimacy tools that all couples must consider using. Currently, they are the most convenient and the easiest to use contraceptives.

You can purchase condoms from corner stores and pharmacies. Their efficiency rate never goes down 90%. Condoms provide a level of protection couples shouldn’t do without.

Right now, there are different kinds and types of condoms available in the market. And knowing which type and kind would work for you best is the ultimate priority.

One of your choices out there is the smaller, snugger fit condoms. Are these the ones for you?

What are Small or Snugger Fit Condoms?

As its name indicates, smaller or snugger fit condoms are condoms that measure less than those belonging to the standard size. If standard condom sizes run from 7.25 to 7.8 inches in length, the snugger-fit type only measures 7 to 7.8 inches. Its width, on the other hand, is usually less than 2 inches. Generally speaking, there are only three condom sizes available in the market – small, standard, and large.

Who are these Condoms for?

The smaller condoms are mostly recommended to men whose penis circumference is about 4 to 4.6 inches and a penis length of 7.0 to 7.8 inches. If you measure beyond that, then these condoms are not for you – unless of course – you require a snugger fitting condom over something you regard as too loose.

How to Measure Your Girth and Pick Your Condom

The smaller condoms are recommended for men who would like a snugger fit as opposed to the looser fit. Do note that not all condoms are sized exactly alike. Unfortunately, manufacturers are at the liberty of defining their own measurements for their condoms and then tag it as small, standard, or large. This is why even standard-sized condoms come in a range of sizes, not just one single size.

To know if small condoms are for you, measure the length of your penis first. Note that you have to do this with it fully erect. Determine its size from base to tip by running a ruler to get its length. If your numbers fall below 7.8 inches, then the snugger fit could work for you. But the measuring won’t stop there. You will also need to measure the penis girth. This one can be used with a string or a measuring tape. Loop the string or tape around the thickest part of your penis and measure. If you measure less than 4.7 inches, then you qualify for the snug fit condoms indeed.

Few Popular Smaller Condoms

Snug fit condoms are not the most popular kinds in the market but many men are thankful that they have these types available. A few of the most reliable brands of small, snugger fit condoms are listed below, along with a short description of each:

1. Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit

This condom is sized 6.69 inches by 1.92 inches. It is a lubricated latex condom that retails for about $4.99 for a 12-pack. This is best for men who are looking for the most popular snug-fitting condom in the market. Order yours here!

2. Lifestyles Snugger Fit

This Lifestyles small condom type measures 7.08 in x 1.92 in. It is relatively smaller than standard but notably a few notches longer than the first brand listed above. This one is also lubricated and comes complete with a reservoir tip. Order it here!

3. Glyde Slim Fit Condom

This smaller condom is 100% vegan approved, meaning they contain no animal-derived products nor are tested on animals. Made of natural latex and lubricated, they provide pure sensuality and exceptional strength. They measure 1.93 inches in width and 6.7 inches in length, though offer a snugger fit and are a great smaller condom choice. Order it on Amazon!

4. My.Size 47mm Condom

mysize 47mmSmaller condom from a German manufacturer which offers condoms in 7 different sizes. Not as much as TheyFit, but still enough so most guys find one to fit them. The 47mm version has, as the name suggest, width of 1.85 inches (47mm) and length of 6.3 inches or 160 mm. Officially, they are not available in the US, as the FDA still hasn’t approved them, but you can find them on Amazon.
Order it on Amazon!

5. Beyond Seven With Aloe

Okamoto Beyond Seven Aloe
This Beyond 7 condom is a snugger fitting condom indeed, but not necessarily smaller. Sized at 7.64 inch in length, it is fairly long for a man with a rather small member. Its girth stands at 2 inches. Considering these measurements, this condom is ideal for men who want to use a condom that is tighter fitting than standard. And the aloe will work best as lubrication. Check the best price on Amazon!

6. Okamoto Beyond Seven

Okamoto Beyond Seven
This Okamoto small condom variant can be heaven-sent for a lot of men. This one is not made of pure latex but of Sheerlon. In effect, it comes thinner than latex. It is because of that this condom type has gotten a lot of raving reviews and high ranking in the market. It measures 7.64 in x 2 in. Order it on Amazon.

7. Durex Close Feel

(update: this condom is no longer produced!)
Durex Close Fit
Durex is one of the trusted brands in condom and it is indeed good to know that they have condoms available in smaller sizes too. This particular one is narrower than the standard size, although not a lot shorter. Durex Close Fit measures 7.01 inches by 1.92 inches (49mm). It is a condom with lubricant made of natural rubber. This product is made for EU market, but it can found at (no longer available)!

8. Paradise Slim Fit Condoms

Not really that popular brand, but these latex condoms are tighter with a 49mm width. They have a straight shape and and comes lubricated with a water based lube, and you can order them from

22 thoughts on “Are Snug Fit Condoms for You?

  1. Jimmy F.

    I think there are so many men out there that extrenuate and overstate thier male size. I am an average male and I know I am “small” to some people, but I have been with many women that like my size as these were long relationships, the only reason it ended is because they all lived on the other side of the country or world from me. I guess inches is small for some people, but there are so many that think it has to be really big just hanging there flaccid. Well now, that does not show intellect as those guys will usually get the Trojan XX-large just to have it slip off and the girl pregnant because they are too stupid to be honest with themselves. Use the Iron Grip’s and you will not go wrong, from group sex to being a “slide in and slide out” kind of guy, I have to be honest here. I think condom manufaturers need to resize thier condoms.

    1. condomman Post author

      Totally! Guys should forget about their ego and go with the condom that best suits their size. the feeling will be much better, not to mention the safety factor!
      And when the guys would be more honest with themselves I think that the manufacturers would also start offering more choices…

  2. Free Willy

    It would be easier for us if producers would label the size on each condom and not leave us wondering is if the condom would be snug enough or not. Testing it on our own can sometimes be to costly and I’m not thinking of the cost for the condoms…

  3. MIke

    I think I need a smaller condom but I can’t find them in local stores, I guess I’ll have to order online

  4. Kat

    This is the best resource I’ve found on the internet for “smaller” size condoms. It is way too difficult to find a snug fitting condom! As a woman, having a good fitting condom on my partner is the most important thing for enjoying sex. Dick size is super unimportant (its how you use it and I’m not just saying that) but SAFETY is the one thing that gets a woman really turned on. Don’t ever be ashamed to get a snugger fit condom. Your partner will be much happier. Thank you so much for this wonderful list of products!

    1. Dude Post author

      Hi Kat, thank you so much for your support. This really means a lot to us!
      Hope you managed to find the perfect fitting condom for your partner.
      If there’s anything else I can help you with in this domain, please let me know and I’ll do my best….

    2. Stacey

      So true! My boyfriend’s is a little less than 5 ins long and quite slim, and I agree, smaller size products are hard to find in local shops but standard sizes sometimes slip of. However even snug fitting condoms are often a bit long as in my experience quite a few men’s willies are less than 7.8 ins long ❤

  5. Dev Null

    Well, this is certainly not helpful. I was gifted with equipment that measures 4″ x 3″ circumference. Seeing the offerings from the small condom websites is damned depressing. What they call “small” is still horse-sized for me. And despite what all the websites tell you, size does matter.

  6. Raybe B

    this is weird I’ve used standard sized condoms allot and there’s no way they are 7 inches in length.. I’m 6.5 inches long and 5 inches in circumference, a standard sized condom feels snug and won’t slip but they don’t cover my full length, there’s still about a half inch or so left uncovered.

  7. Paul

    I am uncut and have 2.25″ length and 3.25″ girth when soft. My head measures 3.75″ around when soft. (foreskin retracted). Erect, I have 4.5″ in length, 4.25″ girth and my head measures 4.5″ around. (foreskin retracted.) I’m okay with having a small cock, but I’m not okay with store bought “normal sized” condoms that fit like shopping bags! Any suggestions on brands or size?

    1. Dude Post author

      hi. try using a 47mm condom with. for example MySize 47mm, which is listed above, or TheyFit custom fit

  8. jill

    It seems that my size doesn’t fit of this kind of condom. The length is just 4.5 inches and it’s v-shape girth of less 1inch very poor boy..

  9. N

    Mine is near 4″ and thin, and I found the My.SIZE 47 wasn’t bad. Compared to some of the other small/snug condoms listed that I’ve tried, they’re not insanely loose and there’s slightly less unrolled at the base. Just wish they had even smaller sizes available for my length and width. The best small condom I tried was Okamoto Smart Boy, but haven’t been able to find them anymore.

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