Atlas true fit condom

atlas true fitAtlas True Fit condom is designed with a secure, snug fit and contoured shape. Aside from the tailored shaft that will provide a tighter and secure fit, the contoured head will offer increased sensitivity and sensation while the lubrication offers extra glide and enhanced enjoyment. These condoms are also narrower and shorter than the standard ones, offering the basic smaller size.

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When you buy these condoms, you can benefit from premium products with unmatched quality. The contoured shape will help to prevent slippage while providing additional comfort and safety. The silicone lubricant that is on the outside will offer comfort as the no slip design ensures that the condom stays in place.

Similar to other Atlas condoms, the True Fit is made to the highest global standards. Global Protection owns the Atlas Condoms brand and they are known for producing new condom technology to offer unique textures and shapes. You will love their condoms because they are designed for you to enjoy the confidence and closeness that you want. The satin-smooth latex will enhance the experience for you and your partner, while the silicone lubricant provides the ideal slip and glide plus safety that you want.

Product Features:

  • Silky smooth textured latex with premium silicone lubrication for lasting sensations;
  • Contoured shaped, snug fit size;
  • Reservoir tip, offering sensitivity;
  • Electronically tested
  • Transparent color
  • Length: 7.09″/ 180mm
  • Width: 1.92″/ 49mm

When you buy the Atlas True Fit condom you will wonder why you have not tried it before. This condom is definitely made to offer maximum stimulation and sensation with its snug fit base and loose design at the head with the reservoir tip. Available in many pack sizes, including 100, 60, 48, 24, and 12, these condoms are ideal for anyone who has a hard time finding something snug and comfortable. Have you tried it? Please leave us your comments. You can order these condoms online from Undercovercondoms.