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14 Interesting Ribbed Condoms You Should Check Out

One Tantric Pleasures Condom; the pleasure to behold!

At first sight everything seems conventional, but the One Tantric Pleasures Condom is absolutely in a class of its own from the word go. It may have seemed that improvement in inventions were for those who invented gadgets, automobiles and other information technology apparatuses, but the inventors of the One Tantric Pleasures Condom have moved to quash such ideas with their product.

Before now, people who employ condoms while engaging in sex do it for preventive purposes rather than seeking out pleasure, but the One Tantric Pleasures Condom just seems to have come up with something different but welcomed: a condom with a gentle relief of tattoo designs for improved pleasure and of course that vital little bit of friction. It is surely ONE of its kind.

Every bit of design on the One Tantric Pleasures Condom is a pleasure to behold; the exotic texture that comes in three different patterns, the tattoos on the condom, the sexy shape of the condom (with adequate room both at the tip and base) and the premium silicone lubricant all ensure good times last longer.

The One Tantric Pleasures Condom seems to have driven sexually active individuals to condom-shopping. The good news is that the One Tantric Pleasures Condom is still affordable and available; so there is plenty for everyone.

The One Tantric Pleasures Condom sells online and has accumulated a lot of positive reviews on many sales platforms it has been featured in, and since these days nothing is right unless the statistics say so, here’s some for you on a scale of five:

For sensitivity, the One Tantric Pleasures Condom gets a 5-star rating
In shape, it still gets a 5-star rating
The lubricant game is a 5, too
And the material is still a 5-star rating
For comfort it gets a 5
The smell gets a 4-star rating, as it smells fine for a latex product
There comes another 4-star rating for thinness
And then the texture gets a pass of 3 out of 5

From these stats now, one would require little convincing this is a ribbed condom worth trying

Sir Richard’s Classic Ribbed Condoms

The Sir Richard’s brand of condoms may have only been around since 2009, but their condoms are rapidly becoming popular with condom users. The company focuses on manufacturing premium quality condoms with a conscience. The company uses all natural latex and shuns the use of chemicals like parabens, glycerin and spermicides, which are commonly used in most other major condom brands. Their condoms are also vegan certified and approved by the animal rights organization PETA. In addition, when you buy a Sir Richard’s condom, the company donates a condom to people and communities which need them.

The Sir Richard’s Classic Ribbed condom is crafted in a traditional condom style but with the added benefit of texture from ribbing which is present on the entire length of the condom. The ribbing helps to provide additional stimulation and enhanced sensation for your partner. The condoms typically come in packs of 3 and 12 condoms. The condoms feature a receptacle at the tip. Since Sir Richard’s uses the highest quality natural latex, their condoms have very little latex odor, unlike many other brands which can have a strong latex odor, especially upon opening the condom package.

Instead of harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals used by major condom brands, the Classic Ribbed condom takes advantage of higher quality, more natural ingredients like corn starch and magnesium carbonate. The corn starch is uses to stop the latex from sticking to itself inside the package. It also helps the condom to unroll more smoothly. The magnesium carbonate is used to help retain the strength and durability of the condom.

Used correctly, Sir Richard’s condoms offer excellent protection from sexually transmitted diseases and are also effective for prevention of pregnancy. Their condoms are also FDA approved and electronically tested for superior durability and reliability.

Sir Richard’s premium brand of condoms can now be found in most major drug stores and many online stores.

Lifestyles 3Sum condom (His+Her Pleasure)

lifestyles 3sumIf you are familiar with the popular Lifestyles Triple Pleasure condom, you should try the LifeStyles 3Sum. This condom is designed with ribs at the head as well as strategically placed stimulating studs along the shaft to offer enjoyable pleasure. When combined with the pleasure shape and the extra texture, the Lifestyles 3Sum condom will definitely offer triple the fun.
Lifestyles make condoms to meet the highest standards globally and the 3Sum is no different.

They are snugger fitting condoms, thanks to their shorter and slimmer design. The fun starts with these condoms when the prominent ribs are added around the head and the stimulating studs go up as well as down the shaft.

You will get extra sensation top to bottom from the loads of texture. In addition to that, the contour shape ensures a secured fit with additional pleasure at the top, making it a true world-class condom.

If you have been dreaming about a threesome, this Lifestyles 3sum condom will allow you to do enjoy this on every sexual encounter. It is offering tons of features in a very small package. You really won’t need permission to have this type of 3sum as both you and your partner will love it. If you are a man you’ll enjoy the comfortable ergonomic fit, the level of heat transferred and the sensitivity. Your girlfriend will love the studded shaft and ribbed head. These amazing features are combined with a high-quality silicone lubricant for a super slippery, long lasting sensation.

With Lifestyles 3Sum condom you can prepare to enjoy all your wildest sexual adventures. This condom will provide you with a triple dose of intense pleasure. The textured, contoured latex condom is offering both studs and ribs for the most intense and extreme sexual simulations possible.

Lifestyles Ultra Ribbed Condoms

It can be a challenging task to choose the best brand of condoms, not only because of the many choices, but due to the thickness and the uncomfortable, numb feeling and sensation that some brands offer. Finding the best condom that feels right will definitely take some amount of trial and error. This is why the manufacturers of Lifestyle Condoms are creating products which are the perfect fit for you and your partner. The Lifestyles Ultra Ribbed Condom is one of the options to consider.
Many users report that these condoms are reliable and very comfortable. Like others from the Lifestyles brand, each of the premium ribbed condom is tested electronically to meet the U.S. standards for reliability, strength and safety.

Product Features

Made with premium quality lubricated latex
Special ultraglide, long-lasting lubricant for extended and maximum pleasure
Anatomically and pleasure shaped condoms for him, which allows freer movement
Ribbed texture to provide more pleasure for her
Low latex scent
Reservoir tip to provide extra comfort and safety
Intense stimulation from a unique shape
Helps prevent STI’s and pregnancy

Lifestyles Ultra Premium Ribbed Condom will offer the ultra-sensual experience that you need with its unique, stretchable, and comfortable shape.


Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Pleasure shaped
Brand: Lifestyles
Size: Regular

Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated for Ultimate Sensation

If you want not just the regular ribs but a really deep set of ribs, then this condom variant is highly recommended for you. Its special rib design is very unique and is primarily created for increased stimulation. For those who wants extra pleasure and sensitivity, this condom may be the one they’re looking for all along.

Trojan Ultra Ribbed is made from high quality latex rubber, and comes with a very smooth lubricant for added comfort. And like most Trojan condoms, it has a reservoir end to assure users of extra safety and protection. But aside from the added pleasure that this condom provides, Trojan is fairly known for its reliability. They use electronic testing on all of their condoms and this one is triple tested for full assurance of quality. These ones come in regular thickness so it is always best to grab the size that is ideal for you.

Do note though, that this condom is for those who want it deep and hard. So it is not recommended for first-timers. Some women may feel that the ribs are a little too harsh. Be sure to be mindful of that, especially if you’re using this variant for the first time.

Needless today, each user’s reaction to this condom varies, so don’t forget to ask your partner about it. For some women it will feel great. However, others may not feel the difference. And there will be some who will say that it somewhat feels uncomfortable. To be on the safe side and to know if this condom is worthy of a second try, consult with your partner.

Trojan Twisted Pleasure

Twisted Pleasure is a very interesting name for a condom indeed. And quite rightfully so, it has got people talking about it. Many went ahead to actually try it. This specially designed condom from America’s leading brand is definitely a great buy – especially for people who wanted to feel something more than what they usually get or feel while wearing one.
This condom comes with a twist. Literally. It is created with a special twisted design from half way the body to near the closed end. And along with its fairly unique shape, the condom is intended to give that added stimulation most partners are craving for – and it will be felt right there in their most sensitive spots.

Trojan Twisted Pleasure is made from high quality latex. It is fully lubricated to provide extra sensitivity and comfort to its users. The reservoir end is there for additional safety. These condoms can guarantee 99% protection from unwanted pregnancies and STI. When used properly, they are all you need to be on the safe side. Each condom is triple tested to provide couples with optimum peace of mind.

To enjoy the full effect of the twisted pleasure, be sure that you get the right size for you. The experience may go down drastically for users who are wearing a size that is either too big or too small for them. Users must know that this condom is designed with their partners in mind as well. So be sure to ask your partner’s experience with it when you had the chance.
Generally speaking, users must expect the condom to be way different than what they are accustomed to. And that suggests it may need some getting used to. Many who have tried it were more convinced the second time around. After all, how many times have you experienced real twisted pleasure with any other condom? This one’s a good try if you’re looking for an entirely different adventure.

Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy Ultrasmooth: Your Kind of Thing

It can’t be denied that for a lot of people, condoms and ecstasy are one and the same. And that’s the only cue that Trojan needs to create Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy Ultrasmooth. But even if this condom is referred to as such, you’ll be surprised it is adequately ribbed as well.

So how can something ultra smooth come down ribbed? Well, that’s the mystery that you have to unlock. The condom is very smooth because of the special lubricant that it comes with. And because it is slippery and nice, you’ll feel very natural using it. It’s perfectly smooth both from the inside and out. The ribs are all found outside, and they’re there to make your partner feel most stimulated. Ribs are found both at the base of the condom as well as on its end. So the stimulations can definitely come from everywhere!

The shape of this condom adds up to its unique qualities as well. Trojan calls it as the Comfort Shape, as it allows users a lot of easy movements during intercourse. And that is indeed an added point to its most natural feel. Furthermore, the condom is tapered at the end and doesn’t have a reservoir. So if you’re looking for a condom without a tip, then you’ve got here a very good product to try.
Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy Ultrasmooth is made from high quality latex. Each condom is electronically tested to assure reliability and help reduce the risks of conceiving or acquiring sexually transmitted infections. Trojan Condoms are made in the USA, and this particular kind costs an average of $10 per pack of 10.

Use this condom properly and get the size that fits you best. You’ll then feel the best sensations and the nicest stimulations. Have it on and you’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. Your partner will feel the same way too – but she’ll definitely know that there is something different with you.

Caution Wear Wild Rose

Using condoms is the best way to protect you from any harm and untoward incident associated with unsafe sex. And one of the many choices you have for condoms is Caution Wear Wild Rose. Do you want to know what makes it different from all the rest? Read on.

Caution Wear Wild Rose comes in a special design that manufacturers call the speed bumps. Speed bumps are ribs that can provide couples with that special sensation they are looking for while wearing condoms. The ribs are specially designed to stimulate both partners, unlike most other types.

But more than just that, Caution Wear Wild Rose is also made thinner to become more sensitive. With a thickness of a mere 0.0027 inches, you can almost be sure that you’ll feel everything you wanted to feel with it, as if you’re not wearing anything at all.
Safety and protection are also one of the best features of this condom. Manufacturers attest that they have performed 100% electronic testing on these condoms to make sure that they won’t fail under the strains. So it’s not just the pleasure and sensations that you’ll enjoy – you’ll have peace of mind too.

Caution Wear Wild Rose comes in a length of 7.5 inches and a base, shaft, and head width of 2 inches. It is designed with a reservoir tip for added protection and uses water-based lubrication. The condom is available in a pack of 3, 12, 36, and 100. The average prices for these are $1.99, $4.49, $8.99, and $17.99 respectively.

The users of this condom have different views of the product after using it. Some say that its thinness is still not enough; but most agree that it feels rather sensitive, thanks to the ridges. From one look, it may not seem different from other condoms. But after wearing and using it, you’ll feel what Caution Wear is all about.

Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed

Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed condoms are special condoms that made by one of the world’s leading brands. Durex boasts of 80 long years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and testing condoms. As such, they make sure that every product they release passes through a rigorous electronic testing to make sure that they won’t break or leak while in use. These testings also assure that the condoms have no pinholes and imperfections.

Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed is currently very popular because it assures users of heightened sensation and pleasure. The ribs are placed strategically on the body of the condom to enhance stimulation and sensation. Furthermore, each condom is guaranteed to fit perfectly and comfortably on an average man. Putting it on is also very easy.

Although a latex condom, the Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed comes with a pleasant scent that couples will like. It won’t smell like rubber at all so there won’t be any distractions or uneasiness between you and your partner. The main goal after all, is to make these condoms as invisible as possible so you won’t think it’s there.

With Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed, couples can enjoy both the pleasure and the peace of mind at the same time. The premium quality rubber material used for this condom assures full protection from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. It is also created with a reservoir tip for added safety. Its dimensions are 205 mm by 56 mm, with a head width of 63 mm.

So be sure to come smart and prepared every time. When the time calls for it, get these ultra thin ribbed condoms from Durex to do their thing. A box of 12 costs $9.99 at most stores. Trust Durex to provide you with a product that you can count on all the time.

Rough Rider Studded

Many people who have used Rough Rider Studded Condoms never go back to what they used before. This is because this is a condom which is designed for an incredibly amazing experience. Let’s take a little look.

The Rough Rider Studded is characterized by the hundreds of raised studs up and down the shaft of the condom. If you have used studded condoms before then you will know that these studs are designed for pleasure. They will help to cause a great deal of friction within the vagina which really will help drive her to orgasm. The Rough Rider Studded has perhaps some of the ‘biggest’ studs I have ever seen in a condom. This helps to create an experience like no other.

As you can probably guess, the Rough Rider Studded has been crafted to the highest possible specification when it comes to safety. This way you can be sure that you are going to get a pleasurable ride with the minimum amount of risk. The top of the condom has a reservoir tip which ensures that nothing escapes. The condom itself is crafted from the highest quality latex available. This ensures a fit that is not only comfortable but also very safe.

If you or your partner are fans of a bit of a ‘rougher’ and ‘bumpier’ ride and absolutely crave pleasure then you really do want to take a little look at the Rough Rider Studded. Even if you do not like condoms normally I suggest that you try this. You can order Rough Rider condoms online and get them delivered to your home in a discrete package

Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded

The Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded is another popular studded condom on the market. Let’s take a little look.
At the heart of the Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded condom are those studs. They appear up and down the shaft. The idea of these studs is to create friction in the vagina. As we all know, intense friction like this is going to lead to intense amounts of pleasure. Even the shortest and tamest strokes could make a difference.

It is not just the ladies who can look forward to a pleasurable experience though. Men will be pleased to know that this particular condom is made from a material known as Sheerlon. Sheerlon is a new form of latex which is very strong. The benefit of it being strong is that it can be made to be very thin and yet still retain its durability. This means men will be able to feel everything during sex and some may even even forget that they are wearing a condom! The great thing about these thin condoms is that the safety is not compromised at all!

The Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded condom is only lightly lubricated. If you wish to use it to its full capability then it is suggested that you use your own lubricant. Of course, like with all latex based condoms, only water based and silicone based lubricants can be used.
If you are searching for a brilliant condom that is almost guaranteed to deliver a pleasurable experience for both of you then it is suggested that you take a look at the Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded condom.

Durex Pleasuremax Condoms

Enhancing product performance has historically led to higher sales figuratively and increased customer satisfaction. Innovation keeps both the manufacturers and the buyers up and running! In this regard, the condoms segment has seen widespread interest when it comes to features and improvements which make the experience of using one convenient along with the enhanced pleasure factor. Of late, textured condoms are in high demand and one such textured condom is the Pleasuremax range from the house of Durex. What makes the Pleasuremax stand out from the crowd? Is it the uniquely positioned ribs and dots that line the surface of the condom? Or is it the low latex smell? A good product is one that has a variety of factors working in its favor, and the Pleasuremax sure has a bunch of them.

With a nominal width of 53 mm, the condom is engineered for a perfect fit and better levels of comfort. As stated before, the positioning of the contours also play an important role in setting the bar higher in terms of pleasure. While some do find the latex scent being a negative, others seem to find it tolerable. Certain factors are prone to varied perception depending on the likes and the dislikes of the person using the condom. The lubrication is also adequate and the condom is generally easy to slide on for usage.

The condom is ideal for use by a majority of the crowd and there will not be any issues with regard to the fit and feel of the product. However, for those who have given the Durex Pleasuremax condoms a try and are not satisfied with the same, there are other condoms which cater to the similar market. To name a few, there are the following products which compete with Durex Pleasuremax in the textured condoms category – One Tantric Pleasure, Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations, LifeStyles Pleasure Ribbed among many others. Each condom is good in its own way depending on how the user feels upon wearing the product. It is advised that one must try a few of the market leaders in the category to arrive at the best pick.

Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots

In the past, if you wanted to deliver extreme amounts of pleasure to your partner through your condom then you needed to make a decision. You could either opt for ribbed condoms or ‘dotted’ condoms. Both of them had their benefits and both helped drive both partners to orgasm time and time again. Well now, with the introduction of the Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots you don’t have to worry about making that decision any longer. This brilliant condom includes the best of both worlds and boy does it deliver a pleasurable experience.

The Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots condom is designed for maximum pleasure. There are hundreds of dots along the shaft of the condom which eventually tail off into dozens of ribs near the top. This helps to create the most amount of friction possible to drive your lovely lady to orgasm time and time again.

It isn’t just women who can benefit from the condom though when it comes to pleasure. Men will absolutely love the incredibly thin condom. It is one of the thinnest latex condoms on the market at the moment. Couple this with the ribs and dots and both partners can look forward to absolutely incredible, but of course, safe sex.

The condom is made with premium natural latex which comes from vegan friendly sources. As you most likely know, Kimono are one of the top manufacturers on condoms in the United States so you know that you are going to end up with a condom that more than exceeds every safety specification when it comes to condoms.
If you want an incredible condom then I do suggest that you check this one out. It is absolutely fantastic and both you and your partner will love every second that you are using one of these.

LifeStyles THRYLL Condoms

Partners who are looking for a special kind of thrill while using a condom are most likely going to find what they’re looking for in the LifeStyles THRYLL condom. THRYLL is a latex-made condom but has minimal latex scent. Those who have high tolerance to this material can very well use it.

What makes THRYLL unique is it ultra studded design. Its special texture makes the condom stand out from the rest. THRYL is specifically created to provide maximum stimulation to couples. This condom contains more than 100 raised studs made of high quality latex rubber, placed in the most ideal places. The result is a full sensual ride for the partners.
Women will be stimulated most by this condom because of the ridges it comes with. Men, on the other hand, will achieve total satisfaction throughout the intercourse. Together, they will experience the pleasure that they’re looking for, without compromising security and protection.

The 100+ textured studs are simply the best features of this condom as they provide both stimulation and comfort. The special lubrication that it comes with is guaranteed not to dry out during or after use. THRYLL is specifically designed to provide the most thrilling ride with a condom as possible.
The LifeStyles THRYLL condoms are specially lubricated and come with a reservoir tip for comfort and extra safety. This condom is highly recommended for couples who wanted superior protection against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

The LifeStyles THRYLL condoms are regular-sized condoms with a base with of 2 inches and length of 7.5 inches (52 mm x 190 mm). These condoms are widely available online and sell at an average price of $8.99 per pack of 12. LifeStyles is a trusted condom brand, offering a wide range of condom variants to consumers worldwide.


Got Lube Stains on Your Sheets? Here’s How to Remove Them

Using a personal lubricant during sex is a fact of life. In fact, it’s highly recommended for all couples to avoid the discomfort that comes with dryness and make naughty times a lot more fun. However, using lube does come with a few downsides, and one of them is staining the sheets.

This is a huge problem whether you’re a homeowner who has stained your own sheets or a bed-and-breakfast owner/Airbnb host whose guests soiled your bedlinen.

Fortunately, there are several things you can use to remove the lube-caused stains and make your sheets look like new. We’ve listed some of them below:

For Water-Based Lube

Stains that are caused by water-based lube are easy to remove when you use the following:

  • Dish soap and laundry detergent — Create a mixture that’s one-half dish soap and one-half laundry detergent. Apply the mixture liberally on the stained area and let it sit for several hours to allow the soap and detergent to do their job. Make sure to use clear, dye-free products; colored soaps and detergents can create new stains on your sheets.
  • Salt and vinegar — These condiments are great on fries and other food, but they’re also a power team when it comes to removing stains. Simply soak the stain with vinegar, rub rock salt on the edges, then wash the sheets using hot water and your favorite detergent.
  • Hydrogen peroxide — This can help remove lube stains from your sheets while disinfecting them, which is important particularly if the stains also include body fluids. Apply a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stained area until bubbles no longer appear.

For Silicone-Based Lube

Silicone-based lube is the lubricant of choice for many people since it doesn’t dry easily and keeps things slick for a long time. The only problem is that this type of lube is difficult to remove when it stains fabrics. If you get silicone-based lubricant on your sheets, give the following a try:

  • Sex toy cleaners — These products won’t make your sheets look brand-new, but you can use them to pre-treat the stains and make them easier to remove. Many sex toy cleaners have antimicrobial properties, so they can help disinfect your sheets even before you put them in the washer.
  • Dishwashing detergent — Some people swear by Dawn dishwashing liquid (the original product in blue), while others use Cascade dishwashing detergent. You can give either product a try; simply dilute it in hot water then soak the sheets in the solution for a few hours.
  • Degreasers — Products like De-Solv-It cut through grease (like what silicone-based lube leaves behind) and make it easier to remove. Use degreasers as a pre-treatment before washing your sheets.

Final Note

Give these products a try and see which one can remove the lube stains from your sheets. For best results, rub the product of your choice onto the fabric using a soft toothbrush; this way, the stained area gets saturated with the product and is easier to clean.

Another tip: don’t put the stained sheets in the dryer if they’re not 100 percent stain-free. The heat from the dryer will set the stain into the fabric and make it impossible to remove.

My.Size 47mm condoms

Using the right-sized condom is important both for your safety and enjoyment. A condom that’s too tight can reduce the amount of sensation you feel, making lovemaking a less pleasurable experience. A condom that’s too wide, on the other hand, can easily slip off and increase your chances of getting your partner pregnant.

So what should you do, then? Well, the best step to take is to choose condoms that perfectly fit your girth. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done if you’re on the small side.

With most condoms in the market measuring between 52mm to 56mm in nominal size, it can be challenging to find a product that measures below 52mm, fits you snugly, and helps you have a fantastic experience in bed.

mysize 47mmLuckily, My.Size 47mm is here to solve your problems. This German-made condom is specially designed for men with a penis circumference below 4.5 inches, allowing them to enjoy the comfortably snug feeling that regular condoms just can’t provide.

With a wall thickness of 0.07mm, My.Size 47mm allows you to feel a wide range of pleasurable sensations while offering excellent protection.

You’ll feel as if there’s nothing between you and your partner, while having the assurance that you’re enjoying safe and responsible sex.

The sensations you experience, coupled with the confidence that you’re effectively protected, further increase your pleasure and pave the way for more explosive lovemaking sessions.

You don’t have to worry about quality when you use My.Size 47mm since it’s certified to meet world-class standards.

Its manufacturer, R&S consumer goods GmbH, implements a stringent quality control process and uses only the best possible pure natural latex rubber. These have allowed it to obtain CE 0197 certification and exceed ISO 4074 standards.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a pack of My.Size 47mm now and start enjoying a more fun and pleasurable sex life!

LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure

lifestyles-ribbed-pleasureIf you want to give your lovely lady and yourself a pleasurable experience then you need to pick up some LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure Condoms.

The Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure condom has deep ridges all along the shaft. Even with the small and light strokes your partners might be able to feel these ridges and get a pleasurable experience as a result. This is because there are absolutely hundreds of them and each and they are pretty effective at their job.

The condom is made from a high quality latex for your benefit, it is specially lubricated and is considered as of an average size. This means that you do not have to worry about tears unless you’re incredibly endowed in which case a larger condom might be a better choice.

The condom itself is talc free which helps to combat irritability. In addition to that the lubricant that is used is water-based. This means that you do not have to put up with the downsides of using chemical-based lubricants. In addition to this, the condom has a reservoir tip on the front (which is fairly spacious) for your comfort and safety. The condom has a straight shape, and therefore most people shouldn’t find using these too much of a problem.

If you want to inject a bit of variety into your sex life every so often then I seriously suggest that you look into using Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure condoms. When it comes to ribbed, this version from Lifestyles is certainly worth the try.

Fuji Latex Chapeau Slim 2000 Small Condom

fuji latex

Fuji Latex Chapeau Slim 2000

There can be no denying that protected sex is the safest way to go if you want to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. The problem for men is that wearing a condom is not the most comfortable experience in the world. Part of the problem is finding a condom that fits snugly, and which gives you peace of mind in knowing that it is not going to come off during the act of sexual intercourse. How can you possibly expect to put in a good performance when you are constantly thinking about the condom you’re wearing?

Protected sex doesn’t have to be this frustrating if you can just find a condom that fits like it’s supposed to. This is where the Fuji Latex Chapeau Slim 2000 Small Condom can help, as it is designed to snugly fit guys with a certain circumference.

Fuji Latex Chapeau Slim Size

The big selling point of this condom is that it comes in a little smaller than your standard condom. It is 180mm long, and has a width of 47mm, which is a good deal less than the 52-53mm that you usually find with a regular condom. Don’t think of this as a condom made for guys who are a little less blessed than others, but rather a form of protection that will actually fit you the way a condom should. You are immediately going to notice a difference when you compare this to the condoms you are used to.

Ideally, this condom is perfect for guys who have a circumference less than 4.4 inches. The Chapeau Slim will feel like it’s a snug fit, and it will allow you to have a full range of motion that will never end in the condom feeling as though it is slipping or ready to come off.

This condom may be smaller than what you are used to, but it is just as durable as the rubbers residing in your bedside table right now. These condoms are made in Japan to exacting standards and are as durable as they are comfortable. Perhaps best of all, they are also affordable, as you can expect to find a pack of 10 condoms online for around $12, which really isn’t much to pay for such a good product.

If you are constantly concerned that your regular condoms don’t fit as well as they should, perhaps it’s time you tried the Fuji Latex Chapeau Slim 2000 Small Condom. These are designed to fit snugly, and you will likely find that they are a lot more comfortable than what you have been used to over the years.

Order Fuji Latex Chapeau from

3 Top Small Condoms in the US

Not all men are bestowed with big numbers. And for those who got theirs small, the small condoms are their refuge for their regular intimacy protection requirements.

Note: this page might contain affiliate links. For more details check out our affiliate disclosure here.

In the US, the three most popular and most trusted brands when it comes to small condoms are as follows:

1. LifeStyles Snugger Fit

Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condom is designed to hug you better so you’ll be more confident with your moves. With that said, it will definitely feel better on you. Furthermore, this condom comes in a special shape to give you a more sensitive experience. LifeStyles Snugger Fit is also duly lubricated to give you the kind of comfort that is the closest thing to feeling like wearing nothing at all. This one comes complete with a reservoir tip for added safety. Lifestyle Snugger Fit is made with latex and is sized 1.92 in x 7.08 in.

Order yours on Amazon!

2. Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit

Want a condom with the iron grip? Then this one’s for you. It’s smaller so it should fit you better. The condom offers a very sensitive feel and can give you the most natural feeling during intimacy. It is duly lubricated and comes with the reservoir tip for extra safety and comfort. Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit is made with latex and measures 1.92 in x 6.69 in. Its thickness is at 0.07mm with its head width at 15mm.

Get Yours Today from!

3. Glyde SlimFit

Glyde SlimFit is one of those smaller and snugger fitting condoms that men love. But more than that, this type is a pure vegan condom – and that means it contains absolutely no animal-related ingredients. Glyde SlimFit is very sensitive, very sheer, and very strong. It also has a reservoir tip, ensuring optimum protection against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. Glyde SlimFit measures at 1.9 in x 6.7 in. It is one of the smallest condoms that you can get in the US. Order them on Amazon!

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Durex Kingtex Condoms

The Durex Kingtex Condoms are popular smaller condoms in Asia made out of natural rubber latex. Smooth, lubricated, and non-spermicidal, these condoms are made with a 49 mm nominal width and a reservoir end. Their snugger fit design is made to enhance all aspects of the bedroom experience and is a good choice for guys who’s penis circumference goes below 4.6 in (11.7 cm).

Produced in Thailand, Durex Kingtex Condoms have emerged as one of the most popular condom brands in the Asian market and are widely accepted as easy to use, dependable products. They are 100% electronically and dermatologically tested, ensuring that they are safe and reliable to use.

Durex’s thickness provides that extra protection while still providing that smooth and pleasurable feel, so you know you’re getting the best protection that still feels good. Its easy-on shape makes it easier and more convenient to put on, so you’re not wasting any time. Their transparent, extra lubricated style enhances pleasure and makes sure that your bedroom experience is enjoyable, passionate, and well protected.

durex kingtexDurex Kingtex Condoms are specially made to improve all aspects of the experience, they are designed with natural products to minimize allergy susceptibilities and made to fit with ease. Its lubricant coating and smooth feel makes it a pleasurable addition and provides a sensual and passion-filled touch that makes customers continue using Kingtex.

Kingtex condoms usually come with three packages in one box, and provide a reliable and safe sexual experience that is bound to spice things up. A larger box of 12 condoms can also be found in some stores. This product should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight exposure to ensure maximum reliability and durability.

Used properly, Durex Kingtex Condoms help reduce the risk of HIV and AIDs transmission, as well as the transmission of other sexually transmitted diseases. Using Durex is a surefire way to maximize passion in the bedroom while ensuring that you’re getting the best protection possible.

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Sustain Tailored Fit Condoms

sustain tailored fitMany men and women view condoms as no fun. Because of this they like to forgo using them. This is a common misconception that Sustain condom brand wants to change. Sustain now sells the Sustain Tailored Fit condom. This is a condom that is a bit smaller in width (49 mm) for a snugger fit and sustainably and ethically produced.

Sustain Tailored Fit Size

Width: 49mm (1.93″)
Length: 186mm (7.32″)
Thickness: 0.065 mm
Shape: Straight

These smaller condom from Sustain condom brand are safe for both you and the world. The Sustain Tailored Fit condom line is certified vegan, non-GMO, fair trade rubber, animal cruelty free, and sustainable. All of the company’s product lines aim to be fair to the environment. With safe ingredients the product is still odor free and free of chemicals.

Sustain is dedicated to providing healthy lives for all people around the world. 10% of Sustain profits from the Lubricated Tailored Fit condoms are donated to women’s health initiatives. The initiatives supported vary but they all focus on helping women better themselves. Sustain even cares about their customer’s views. If you have a charity or non-profit that supports women’s health that you think could benefit from Sustain’s donations, you can suggest it.

Wondering where you can pick up Sustain Tailored Fit condoms? They can be found in your everyday stores, Pharmaca, Target, Whole Foods, and more. They can also be purchased online from specialized condom stores like or popular online retailers such as Amazon. Every Sustain condom package is discreet, that means that you don’t have to worry about other people knowing that you are buying condoms.

Sustain Tailored Fit Condoms are great for those who want an organic and fair trade condom with a snugger fit. They are perfect for guys with circumference below 4.7 inches. Sustain condoms are also the condom for those that care about what is in their condoms and a company’s sustainability practices.

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Hugger Sheer Fit Condoms

hugger slimfitWomen like to say size does not matter but for your choice in condoms size does matter. Until recently it has been believed that one size of condom will work in every situation. Turns out this is not true. The number one reason that condoms fall off while having sex is due to improper fitting of the condom. Men, you don’t get the benefit of a condom if it comes off. Pick the right size condom for your johnson and get over the sizing labels on the condoms. She won’t be reading the label if you are entertaining her enough.

It turns out one of the major reasons that men do not like wearing condoms is not because “it kills the mood”, more often than not it turns out it is because they are scared of it falling off. No longer do they have to worry about this. Condoms are now being produced in various sizes and styles. The new Hugger Sheer Thin Slimmer Fit Lubricated Condom is a condom designed for a smaller johnson. Men there is no need to worry about the label on this condom, its about how you use it not how big it is. These condoms are 49mm lubricated condoms that will provide an extra snug fit that will help ensure they don’t fall off leaving your johnson unprotected.

This package of Hugger Sheet Thin Slimmer Fit Lubricated Condoms includes 144 condoms at a total price of 42.71, that’s a 35 cent savings. The total price per condom ends up coming out to 30 cents per condom. All of the condoms come in individual, detached packaging in a bin that you can hide under the sink, under the bed, or proudly display on your dresser. It’s your choice, choose safer sex.

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Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms

Impulse condom brand is maybe not world known, but their Impulse Bare Pleasure condom suprised a lot of people and it quickly became popular among the ‘ribbed’ and ‘pleasure’ condom types.
Their popularity is due to their combination of both ribs and studs. Let’s take a little look.

The shaft of the Impulse Bare Pleasure Condom is covered in hundreds upon hundreds of raised studs. These eventually lead off into a tip which is layered with dozens of ridges. Both of these combined help to create friction in the vagina. This of course is going to lead to a lot of pleasure. Due to layout of this condom it is ideal for those that love to thrust deep.

These condoms are regular sized, but a few reviewers found them a bit tight. Therefore if you are looking to use these it is suggested that you purchase just a few to begin with to try them out. If they do fit though you can look forward to an incredibly comfortable experience.

The condom makes use of a water-based lubricant for your safety. At the top you have a fairly spacious reservoir tip to ensure that nothing escapes. The condom itself is made from the highest quality latex to ensure a comfortable and safe fit.
Like all of the Impulse condoms these ones more than exceed every safety specification. Each condom is 100% electronically tested to guarantee safety. This way you can be sure that you are delivering high amounts of pleasure without putting either of you at risk.
If you truly want to rock your lady’s world then it really is suggested that you look into the idea of using Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms. They are absolutely fantastic, and you will get a great deal of pleasure listening to your lovely lady moan.