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Got Lube Stains on Your Sheets? Here’s How to Remove Them

Using a personal lubricant during sex is a fact of life. In fact, it’s highly recommended for all couples to avoid the discomfort that comes with dryness and make naughty times a lot more fun. However, using lube does come with a few downsides, and one of them is staining the sheets. This is a […]

My.Size 47mm condoms

Using the right-sized condom is important both for your safety and enjoyment. A condom that’s too tight can reduce the amount of sensation you feel, making lovemaking a less pleasurable experience. A condom that’s too wide, on the other hand, can easily slip off and increase your chances of getting your partner pregnant. So what […]

Fuji Latex Chapeau Slim 2000 Small Condom

There can be no denying that protected sex is the safest way to go if you want to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. The problem for men is that wearing a condom is not the most comfortable experience in the world. Part of the problem is finding a condom that fits snugly, and […]

Durex Kingtex Condoms

The Durex Kingtex Condoms are popular smaller condoms in Asia made out of natural rubber latex. Smooth, lubricated, and non-spermicidal, these condoms are made with a 49 mm nominal width and a reservoir end. Their snugger fit design is made to enhance all aspects of the bedroom experience and is a good choice for guys […]

Atlas true fit condom

Atlas True Fit condom is designed with a secure, snug fit and contoured shape. Aside from the tailored shaft that will provide a tighter and secure fit, the contoured head will offer increased sensitivity and sensation while the lubrication offers extra glide and enhanced enjoyment. These condoms are also narrower and shorter than the standard […]

Okamoto Beyond Seven Aloe

Okamoto Beyond Seven Aloe condoms are great products to consider if you are looking for something new. These condoms are made from thin latex called Sheerlon and contain generous amounts of lubrication that can provide four times the amount of the regular types. Natural aloe extract is used to make this lubricant. With the natural […]

Sagami Xtreme Cobra Condom

Sagami Xtreme Cobra Condom is a product from Japan that is made with cutting-edge technology to enhance the pleasure of users. Each of these condoms are inspected and tested thoroughly to ensure that they are completely safe and can provide full protection. The Xtreme Cobra is one of Sagami’ revolutionary condom designs. The shape of […]

Want to Try the Playboy Condoms 49mm?

Playboy is the name to trust when it comes to men’s magazine, beautiful girls and having fun. And luckily for men, Playboy currently has a wide range of condoms to suit men of all sizes. However, the more popular size of this condom brand in Thailand is the 49mm. Called as the Playboy Condom 49mm, […]