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Custom Fit Condoms

Would it be nicer to have condoms that fit you perfectly? Size and shape is always the dilemma of men as far as condoms are concerned. It is quite hard to find the type and brand of a condom that will fit you perfectly. Unfortunately, not all men have got the standard size like most condoms manufacturers wish them to be. It’s a good thing that there is indeed such thing as custom fit condoms. And if you’re the meticulous type, you’ll definitely give these condoms a closer look.

Two of the most preferred custom fit condom brands are TheyFit and MySize condoms. A closer look at these condom brands is as follows:

1. TheyFit Condoms

TheyFit offers any man with condom size issues the easiest solution to their woes. All that they require is for men to send in their size and they’ll make the condom for them as they require it. TheyFit offers three ways to get a man’s measurements. First, you can measure yourself and then refer to the size codes as listed in their table. Second, you can download the FitKit and use it to get your exact measurements. The third option is to simply go for the suggested size service. The third option won’t require you to do any measuring at all. Whichever way you have it, TheyFit strives to provide men like you the condoms that would give you the highest level of confidence when it comes to size, shape, and functionality.

2. MySize Condoms

MySize CondomsDo you want the perfect condoms? Then you can end your search with MySize condoms. No matter what size category you belong to, there will be a condom that fits you perfectly. MySize condoms come in seven different size ranges and one of which will definitely fit you. MySize condoms don’t just promise the ideal fit. It also provides the most sensitive feeling, easy unrolling, high level of safety, and the most premium quality as far as condoms are concerned. Generally speaking, MySize is all you ever wanted in a condom.
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