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Got Lube Stains on Your Sheets? Here’s How to Remove Them

Using a personal lubricant during sex is a fact of life. In fact, it’s highly recommended for all couples to avoid the discomfort that comes with dryness and make naughty times a lot more fun. However, using lube does come with a few downsides, and one of them is staining the sheets.

This is a huge problem whether you’re a homeowner who has stained your own sheets or a bed-and-breakfast owner/Airbnb host whose guests soiled your bedlinen.

Fortunately, there are several things you can use to remove the lube-caused stains and make your sheets look like new. We’ve listed some of them below:

For Water-Based Lube

Stains that are caused by water-based lube are easy to remove when you use the following:

  • Dish soap and laundry detergent — Create a mixture that’s one-half dish soap and one-half laundry detergent. Apply the mixture liberally on the stained area and let it sit for several hours to allow the soap and detergent to do their job. Make sure to use clear, dye-free products; colored soaps and detergents can create new stains on your sheets.
  • Salt and vinegar — These condiments are great on fries and other food, but they’re also a power team when it comes to removing stains. Simply soak the stain with vinegar, rub rock salt on the edges, then wash the sheets using hot water and your favorite detergent.
  • Hydrogen peroxide — This can help remove lube stains from your sheets while disinfecting them, which is important particularly if the stains also include body fluids. Apply a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stained area until bubbles no longer appear.

For Silicone-Based Lube

Silicone-based lube is the lubricant of choice for many people since it doesn’t dry easily and keeps things slick for a long time. The only problem is that this type of lube is difficult to remove when it stains fabrics. If you get silicone-based lubricant on your sheets, give the following a try:

  • Sex toy cleaners — These products won’t make your sheets look brand-new, but you can use them to pre-treat the stains and make them easier to remove. Many sex toy cleaners have antimicrobial properties, so they can help disinfect your sheets even before you put them in the washer.
  • Dishwashing detergent — Some people swear by Dawn dishwashing liquid (the original product in blue), while others use Cascade dishwashing detergent. You can give either product a try; simply dilute it in hot water then soak the sheets in the solution for a few hours.
  • Degreasers — Products like De-Solv-It cut through grease (like what silicone-based lube leaves behind) and make it easier to remove. Use degreasers as a pre-treatment before washing your sheets.

Final Note

Give these products a try and see which one can remove the lube stains from your sheets. For best results, rub the product of your choice onto the fabric using a soft toothbrush; this way, the stained area gets saturated with the product and is easier to clean.

Another tip: don’t put the stained sheets in the dryer if they’re not 100 percent stain-free. The heat from the dryer will set the stain into the fabric and make it impossible to remove.

What is the Best Place to Hide a Condom?

Condoms are necessities and that’s a fact. But being caught in possession of them all the time is not exactly a good thing (no matter if they’re small or large). It may leave a lot of negative connotations about you among your friends, parents, strangers, or even your own partner. They may think that you are sexually active or are promiscuous, when all you really wanted is to be 100% protected.

condom caseSo, where is the best place to discreetly hide a condom? Well, it really depends where you want it. If it’s going to be in your own bedroom you can use a pocket of an old coat or in the cabinet to hide it. These are popular discreet places where condoms are normally kept. However, there’s nothing more ideal getting a condom case exactly for that purpose.

Special condom cases are the best places to keep a condom. The cases are specially made to protect the condom and make them safe, while effectively keeping it away from the public’s view. There are different condom cases available, many of them even come in trendy designs that women will love. Condom cases are easily available from stores. One can get them at a cheap price, which is not really more than the price of a box of condom itself.

Never place a condom in your wallet because it could either dry up or get damaged in there. It is better to place a condom in the secret compartment of a purse. Better yet, put it inside a condom case first before placing it inside. That is indeed the most discreet place to hide a condom and keep it handy for all those naughty times that you need to protect yourself yet enjoy all the pleasure that you want all at the same time.

Is It Safe To Carry Condoms In NYC?

The question above can either be interesting or confusing to a lot of people. Why would a technically advanced, financially stable, and undeniably modern city such as the New York City ban the carrying of condoms? Actually, carrying condoms is not the real problem here. The real concern is the way how the policemen of the city are trying to eradicate prostitution in the streets. If the police suspects that you’re a prostitute and you have a condom in your possession, they can nab you and arrest you right then and there.

Two_condomsThat’s a very scary situation in NYC, if not an alarming one. Women being mistaken for a prostitute with a condom in her bag can spend at least three days in the holding cell trying to prove otherwise. Three days of being in detention is not happy experience at all. Three days is enough for a woman to lose her job for something as trivial as bringing a condom. And that’s not yet mentioning lawyer’s expenses to get you off the hook.

Social groups and female advocates are raging from all corners of New York City, doing their best to make the police stop these arrests. Studies show that this move by the city’s enforcement agency is not actually effective, as sex workers are merely leaving off the idea of using condoms when providing for a service. The only thing that it does effectively is not to discourage safe sex. Since prostitutes can’t be caught dead with a condom in their pockets, they might as well go out without one, exposing themselves and their partners even more to the possibility of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. They are not stopping what they regard as their primary source of income – they are merely evading the clutches of the law.

So, is it safe to carry condoms in NYC? The answer is yes, provided that you don’t look anything like a prostitute when you go out. However, the way you dress and your demeanor remains to be the sole discretion of the police.