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Durex Kingtex Condoms

The Durex Kingtex Condoms are popular smaller condoms in Asia made out of natural rubber latex. Smooth, lubricated, and non-spermicidal, these condoms are made with a 49 mm nominal width and a reservoir end. Their snugger fit design is made to enhance all aspects of the bedroom experience and is a good choice for guys who’s penis circumference goes below 4.6 in (11.7 cm).

Produced in Thailand, Durex Kingtex Condoms have emerged as one of the most popular condom brands in the Asian market and are widely accepted as easy to use, dependable products. They are 100% electronically and dermatologically tested, ensuring that they are safe and reliable to use.

Durex’s thickness provides that extra protection while still providing that smooth and pleasurable feel, so you know you’re getting the best protection that still feels good. Its easy-on shape makes it easier and more convenient to put on, so you’re not wasting any time. Their transparent, extra lubricated style enhances pleasure and makes sure that your bedroom experience is enjoyable, passionate, and well protected.

durex kingtexDurex Kingtex Condoms are specially made to improve all aspects of the experience, they are designed with natural products to minimize allergy susceptibilities and made to fit with ease. Its lubricant coating and smooth feel makes it a pleasurable addition and provides a sensual and passion-filled touch that makes customers continue using Kingtex.

Kingtex condoms usually come with three packages in one box, and provide a reliable and safe sexual experience that is bound to spice things up. A larger box of 12 condoms can also be found in some stores. This product should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight exposure to ensure maximum reliability and durability.

Used properly, Durex Kingtex Condoms help reduce the risk of HIV and AIDs transmission, as well as the transmission of other sexually transmitted diseases. Using Durex is a surefire way to maximize passion in the bedroom while ensuring that you’re getting the best protection possible.

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Sagami Xtreme Cobra Condom

Sagami Xtreme Cobra Condom is a product from Japan that is made with cutting-edge technology to enhance the pleasure of users. Each of these condoms are inspected and tested thoroughly to ensure that they are completely safe and can provide full protection.

sagami xtreme cobraThe Xtreme Cobra is one of Sagami’ revolutionary condom designs. The shape of the condom is modeled based on a 3D structural outline of a penis to give users the most sensitive feel. If you are thinking of using this condom, you should know that the lower and upper side is different. The perforated line must go on facing upwards, meaning towards the stomach.

Sagami Xtreme Cobra Condom is special because of its super tight design and realistic shape that will fully enhance the sensitive touch of each millimeter of the skin. Its tapered design is 44mm wide at the base and 53mm at the headroom. This shape can work to effectively lower the risk of slippage during intercourse while providing extra comfort on top. In addition, it has a silicone-based lubricant that cleans easily and can provide a more comfortable and silky feel. This Xtreme Cobra condom is finely crafted and can offer both pleasure and protection. Users can definitely bask in its fresh feel and tight fit.

Readily available on the internet, these condoms are worth trying out if you want to take advantage of the discount or reduced prices. At present, you can find the condoms in 10 pack sizes and you can get a nice discount if you purchase three boxes or more. When you use a condom from this brand, you will discover what helps to make it such a high quality and trusted name in the area of personal protection. There is no doubt that you will love the opportunity to make the most of great savings.

Overall, the Sagami Xtreme Cobra Condom has a great design with a very snug base to prevent it from slipping. It is a good option for anyone who wants a smaller condom. You can order Sagami Xtreme Cobra at

Want to Try the Playboy Condoms 49mm?

playboy small condomPlayboy is the name to trust when it comes to men’s magazine, beautiful girls and having fun. And luckily for men, Playboy currently has a wide range of condoms to suit men of all sizes. However, the more popular size of this condom brand in Thailand is the 49mm. Called as the Playboy Condom 49mm, this one is ideal for men whose size is a bit smaller in girth than average.
Referred to as the small size pack, it comes in a set of three sealed condoms. Selling for only $8.50 at Amazon, plus $5 shipping, the product can be sent discreetly to your door. It promises users that they’ll ‘fulfil their love and passion with the kit’. However, the only way to know if it does that exactly is to try it.
Looking closely at the description, the box says Made in Thailand, suggesting that the product is imported.This is also fairly new product, yet is carrying a well-established brand. Though not made in the US, it is still worth trying – especially if you’re a little bit on the small side and the regular-sized condom available on the market feels a little loose on you.

If bought at Amazon (seller is called Siam Creative Products), the condom ships in 2 to 3 days. Playboy Condoms 49mm is for men whose girth is below 4.6 inches. Furthermore, this one is also recommended to those who wanted their condoms to be a little bit tighter than usual.

It definitely is tempting to try a condom with the patented Playboy bunny logo. While these condoms may not immediately make you enjoy life and the girls in the way Hugh Hefner does, it sure promises you of an experience that may be somewhat close to it. Do you want to try them on? All you really have to do is to order the product today and see how well it will feel for you and your partner. And yes, Playboy is a nice brand for a condom indeed. Order it on Amazon.

Okamoto Suprema Lite Condom

okamoto suprema lightOkamoto is a very popular condom brand in Japan. And because of the high quality of this product, its popularity had spread worldwide. One of the most sought-after Okamoto small condom variants is the Suprema Lite. The Okamoto Suprema Lite Condom is an extra thin and extra smooth condom that can provide the most natural feel during intercourse.
Couples who are looking for an experience that is closest to the skin-to-skin sensation are sure to find the Okamoto Suprema Lite to be the best choice. Only 0.03 mm thick, this condom is as close as you can get to the real thing. The surface is extra smooth and clings naturally. The condom comes in the most natural colors as well.

Each box also contains both the lubrication and the lubricants for ease of use. The condom uses silicone oil for such a purpose. Although made of rubber, users can expect no strong latex smell in an Okamoto. The company uses a special technology that removes both water and protein from the latex to effectively take out the scent that may possibly cause an allergic reaction.
Aside from its ultra thin and ultra smooth texture, the condom is designed with a reservoir tip for extra protection. This bulb end makes sure that there will be no leaks while the condom is in use. The condom is shaped as close as possible to the real thing. As such, men will feel optimum comfort while wearing it. This particular condom type is sized at 49 mm x 171 mm.
Okamoto remains to be the best-selling condom in Japan. Do note though, that the Okamoto Suprema Lite is sized a little bit smaller than regular, thus giving men a much tighter fit. Although thin, the latex used is guaranteed to be very strong and durable. It’s a condom must-try indeed.

Okamoto Smart Boy Japanese Small Condoms

okamoto smartboyFor boys and men looking for the extra small yet extremely durable condoms in the market, Okamoto Smart Boy is surely a smart pick. Originating from Japan, these condoms are super slim and fairly small sized, as they measure just about 31 mm in diameter. These condoms offer the snuggest yet most comfortable fit for men, while assuring them of 100% satisfaction at all times.

The Okamoto Smart Boy Small Condoms are made with high-grade latex that uses a patented odor masking technology to reduce instances of allergic reactions. But because this product is proudly made in Japan, it comes in a full Japanese packaging. Created by Okamoto Industries Co. Ltd, this condom is intended only for the Japanese market. Even the instructions guide is written only in Japanese. However, it is considered a very popular small condom right now, with it being exported and sold to over 30 countries. This product is widely available over the internet right now.

okamoto smart boyA box of these condoms contains 12 pieces and it may cost around $20, eg. you can get them here for $21 and a free shipping (best price). Okamoto is a known Japanese condom manufacturer and they have other types and variants available as well. However, it is their small size condoms that we find the most interesting, of course.

The Okamoto Smart Boy Condoms come in the natural shade. A gel-type lubricant comes with every package too. But then, this product is known to work quite well with just about any other water-based lubricants in the market. The Okamoto Smart Boy condoms are very famous because they are quite slim and tight fitting. It is indeed the smartest choice for men who want to wear something that is a notch smaller than their usual size. It is also highly recommended for active young men.