Caution Wear Iron Grip Condom

Some men want their condoms to fit more tightly than usual. And for this purpose, the Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit condoms are one of the best choices. These condoms are specially designed to fit rather snugly for a much better experience and a more confident performance for most men.

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caution wear iron gripCaution Wear Iron Grip can be bought in a pack of 3, 12, 36, or a box of 100. These condoms are known to feel tighter and better than most brands in the market. They come in the clear latex shade and are parallel-sided. These condoms are efficiently created with the reservoir tip and are N-9 free. This particular condom variant is duly lubricated to come out ultra smooth. Do note though, that the product works only with silicon-based lubricants. Each condom is guaranteed to pass electronic testing.

The Caution Wear Iron Grip Condom measures 49 mm x 170 mm, with its thickness roughly at 0.070 mm. The reservoir tip is approximately 15 mm in size. In comparison to Lifestyles Snugger Fit, they both share the same width, but the Iron Grip is just a bit shorter. Created by Caution Wear Corp., this product is proudly made in the USA. Caution Wear Corp is also behind the different condom brands such as PPE, Black Ice, Wild Rose, Slippery When Wet, and Mini Delight. The Iron Grip variant duly conforms with ISO 9002.

The 12-pack box of Caution Wear Iron Grip may cost $4.99 at our recommended online vendor. These hand-packed, latex-based condoms are widely available over the internet too. And as tight-fitting condoms, they are technically smaller in size than most condom brands. They also come in an ultra smooth design for a very pleasant experience. A reservoir tip is added for extra safety and comfort.
Aside from the Iron Grip, almost all other Caution Wear condom products are available online. Order discreetly today to finally experience the fit that you always wanted.