Glyde Slimfit Condom

Glyde Slim FitJudging by its looks, it is easy to assume that the Glyde Slimfit Condom is much like any other tight-fitting condom. However, that is not necessarily the case. As a matter of fact, this condom is the only slim fit vegan condom that is available in the market right now. And that fact alone makes it one-of-a-kind indeed.

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Glyde Slimfit Condoms are made with a very thin sheet of latex rubber to improve sensation without compromising strength. These condoms are made by Glyde Health Pty Ltd, an Australian-based company. Glyde’s Slimfit condom variant is perfect for men who are looking for condoms that can offer them a snugger fit for that highly sensitive experience. This particular condom is sized 49mm in flat width, is lightly lubricated, and comes with a reservoir tip for added safety.
As a certified vegan and ethical product, the Glyde Slimfit condom are made out of pure natural latex and thistle extracts. Its production process didn’t include animal testings or the use of animal by-products, spermicides, parabens, or any other chemicals.
These condoms are double dipped for strength and are double washed to be absolutely odor-free.
Glyde Slimfit comes in a pack of one to three dozen condom pieces. A box of 108 condoms is also available. The 12-pack condoms costs roughly $14.99, the 36-pack at $39.99, and the 108-pack at $109.99 (36-pack and 108-pack qualify for free shipping). The Glyde Slimfit condom is easily available online and are discreetly shipped to interested parties. Originating from Australia, these condoms ship worldwide.

Glyde Slimfit is considered as one of the thinner condoms available in the market and it can match up fairly well against non-vegan condoms. Although very thin, these condoms are highly comfortable and reliable at the same time. Vegans are sure to find them as their best possible choice for a tight- fitting condom. Order them today.