Hugger Sheer Fit Condoms

hugger slimfitWomen like to say size does not matter but for your choice in condoms size does matter. Until recently it has been believed that one size of condom will work in every situation. Turns out this is not true. The number one reason that condoms fall off while having sex is due to improper fitting of the condom. Men, you don’t get the benefit of a condom if it comes off. Pick the right size condom for your johnson and get over the sizing labels on the condoms. She won’t be reading the label if you are entertaining her enough.

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It turns out one of the major reasons that men do not like wearing condoms is not because “it kills the mood”, more often than not it turns out it is because they are scared of it falling off. No longer do they have to worry about this. Condoms are now being produced in various sizes and styles. The new Hugger Sheer Thin Slimmer Fit Lubricated Condom is a condom designed for a smaller johnson. Men there is no need to worry about the label on this condom, its about how you use it not how big it is. These condoms are 49mm lubricated condoms that will provide an extra snug fit that will help ensure they don’t fall off leaving your johnson unprotected.

This package of Hugger Sheet Thin Slimmer Fit Lubricated Condoms includes 144 condoms at a total price of 42.71, that’s a 35 cent savings. The total price per condom ends up coming out to 30 cents per condom. All of the condoms come in individual, detached packaging in a bin that you can hide under the sink, under the bed, or proudly display on your dresser. It’s your choice, choose safer sex.

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