Okamoto Smart Boy Japanese Small Condoms

okamoto smartboyFor boys and men looking for the extra small yet extremely durable condoms in the market, Okamoto Smart Boy is surely a smart pick. Originating from Japan, these condoms are super slim and fairly small sized, as they measure just about 31 mm in diameter. These condoms offer the snuggest yet most comfortable fit for men, while assuring them of 100% satisfaction at all times.

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The Okamoto Smart Boy Small Condoms are made with high-grade latex that uses a patented odor masking technology to reduce instances of allergic reactions. But because this product is proudly made in Japan, it comes in a full Japanese packaging. Created by Okamoto Industries Co. Ltd, this condom is intended only for the Japanese market. Even the instructions guide is written only in Japanese. However, it is considered a very popular small condom right now, with it being exported and sold to over 30 countries. This product is widely available over the internet right now.

okamoto smart boyA box of these condoms contains 12 pieces and it may cost around $20, eg. you can get them here for $21 and a free shipping (best price). Okamoto is a known Japanese condom manufacturer and they have other types and variants available as well. However, it is their small size condoms that we find the most interesting, of course.

The Okamoto Smart Boy Condoms come in the natural shade. A gel-type lubricant comes with every package too. But then, this product is known to work quite well with just about any other water-based lubricants in the market. The Okamoto Smart Boy condoms are very famous because they are quite slim and tight fitting. It is indeed the smartest choice for men who want to wear something that is a notch smaller than their usual size. It is also highly recommended for active young men.