Okamoto Suprema Lite Condom

okamoto suprema lightOkamoto is a very popular condom brand in Japan. And because of the high quality of this product, its popularity had spread worldwide. One of the most sought-after Okamoto small condom variants is the Suprema Lite. The Okamoto Suprema Lite Condom is an extra thin and extra smooth condom that can provide the most natural feel during intercourse.
Couples who are looking for an experience that is closest to the skin-to-skin sensation are sure to find the Okamoto Suprema Lite to be the best choice. Only 0.03 mm thick, this condom is as close as you can get to the real thing. The surface is extra smooth and clings naturally. The condom comes in the most natural colors as well.

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Each box also contains both the lubrication and the lubricants for ease of use. The condom uses silicone oil for such a purpose. Although made of rubber, users can expect no strong latex smell in an Okamoto. The company uses a special technology that removes both water and protein from the latex to effectively take out the scent that may possibly cause an allergic reaction.
Aside from its ultra thin and ultra smooth texture, the condom is designed with a reservoir tip for extra protection. This bulb end makes sure that there will be no leaks while the condom is in use. The condom is shaped as close as possible to the real thing. As such, men will feel optimum comfort while wearing it. This particular condom type is sized at 49 mm x 171 mm.
Okamoto remains to be the best-selling condom in Japan. Do note though, that the Okamoto Suprema Lite is sized a little bit smaller than regular, thus giving men a much tighter fit. Although thin, the latex used is guaranteed to be very strong and durable. It’s a condom must-try indeed.