Want to Try the Playboy Condoms 49mm?

playboy small condomPlayboy is the name to trust when it comes to men’s magazine, beautiful girls and having fun. And luckily for men, Playboy currently has a wide range of condoms to suit men of all sizes. However, the more popular size of this condom brand in Thailand is the 49mm. Called as the Playboy Condom 49mm, this one is ideal for men whose size is a bit smaller in girth than average.
Referred to as the small size pack, it comes in a set of three sealed condoms. Selling for only $8.50 at Amazon, plus $5 shipping, the product can be sent discreetly to your door. It promises users that they’ll ‘fulfil their love and passion with the kit’. However, the only way to know if it does that exactly is to try it.
Looking closely at the description, the box says Made in Thailand, suggesting that the product is imported.This is also fairly new product, yet is carrying a well-established brand. Though not made in the US, it is still worth trying – especially if you’re a little bit on the small side and the regular-sized condom available on the market feels a little loose on you.

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If bought at Amazon (seller is called Siam Creative Products), the condom ships in 2 to 3 days. Playboy Condoms 49mm is for men whose girth is below 4.6 inches. Furthermore, this one is also recommended to those who wanted their condoms to be a little bit tighter than usual.

It definitely is tempting to try a condom with the patented Playboy bunny logo. While these condoms may not immediately make you enjoy life and the girls in the way Hugh Hefner does, it sure promises you of an experience that may be somewhat close to it. Do you want to try them on? All you really have to do is to order the product today and see how well it will feel for you and your partner. And yes, Playboy is a nice brand for a condom indeed. Order it on Amazon.