Popular Smaller Condoms in Europe

The European market for condoms is not much different from that of the American market. But given their slight differences, each has condom brands that they prefer over the others. In Europe, the most popular smaller condom brands are as follows:

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1. Durex Close Fit

Durex Close FitThe closer the fit, the more effective it should be. This is the idea behind this Durex variant. Men who require condoms that are narrower and shorter than the standard will definitely like this one. The tighter fit could spell a big difference in terms of confidence. Durex Closer Fit is a transparent latex condom that comes with extra lubrication and reservoir end. It measures 190 mm by 50 mm and is 70 microns thick. Available at amazon.com or amazon.co.uk.

2. Pasante Trim

Pasante TrimPasante Trim is one of the best selling condoms in the UK. These condoms are slightly narrower, thus producing a tighter fit around men. Those who get worried about their condoms slipping during the act off will definitely find this one of the perfect shape and size. It is not too loose or too baggy for all its worth. This one works best with water-based lubricants. Pasante Trim measures 180 mm x 49 mm. Its thickness is around 70 microns. Pasante Trim is also a vegan condom certified. Check the best price here.

3. MySize 47 mm

MySize 47If the UK has Pasante Trim, then Germany has MySize 47 mm. It is indeed the smallest condoms in the European market, given its size and trim. As a matter of fact, many resellers tag this one as the extra small condom. Its length runs for only 160 mm. The width, of course, is at 47 mm just like what its name indicates. MySize 47 mm is made with natural latex, is transparent, duly lubricated, and comes complete with a reservoir tip. Order it today from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com.

2 thoughts on “Popular Smaller Condoms in Europe

  1. John Williams

    They Fit start at just 80mm length and a nominal width of 41mm – this is the smallest condom in the whole world. They also make the biggest – 240mm long and a nominal width of 69mm! Unfortunately I don’t require that one for my needs….

    1. Alex

      Dude I wouldn’t even want a dick that big lol.
      I’m happy with my little one lol.

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