Is It Safe To Carry Condoms In NYC?

The question above can either be interesting or confusing to a lot of people. Why would a technically advanced, financially stable, and undeniably modern city such as the New York City ban the carrying of condoms? Actually, carrying condoms is not the real problem here. The real concern is the way how the policemen of the city are trying to eradicate prostitution in the streets. If the police suspects that you’re a prostitute and you have a condom in your possession, they can nab you and arrest you right then and there.

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Two_condomsThat’s a very scary situation in NYC, if not an alarming one. Women being mistaken for a prostitute with a condom in her bag can spend at least three days in the holding cell trying to prove otherwise. Three days of being in detention is not happy experience at all. Three days is enough for a woman to lose her job for something as trivial as bringing a condom. And that’s not yet mentioning lawyer’s expenses to get you off the hook.

Social groups and female advocates are raging from all corners of New York City, doing their best to make the police stop these arrests. Studies show that this move by the city’s enforcement agency is not actually effective, as sex workers are merely leaving off the idea of using condoms when providing for a service. The only thing that it does effectively is not to discourage safe sex. Since prostitutes can’t be caught dead with a condom in their pockets, they might as well go out without one, exposing themselves and their partners even more to the possibility of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. They are not stopping what they regard as their primary source of income – they are merely evading the clutches of the law.

So, is it safe to carry condoms in NYC? The answer is yes, provided that you don’t look anything like a prostitute when you go out. However, the way you dress and your demeanor remains to be the sole discretion of the police.