Small Non Lubricated Condom Trojan ENZ Non-Lubricated

Some people want to use their own lubrication when using a condom. It is for this particular purpose that the Trojan ENZ non-lubricated condoms are created. The Trojan ENZ is a latex type of condom that is ideally dry, as some men may prefer.
trojan enz non lubricatedTrojan ENZ has all the features that regular condoms have. The only notable difference is its absence of lubricated, like most of the other condoms have. Condom users who have a special lubricant preference can very well enjoy using this particular one from Trojan. It is the same quality product but without the grease.
Furthermore, this is also one of those rare kind of non-lubricated condoms that comes in a slightly smaller size. So if you are also looking for the perfect fit, this one might be it. The size of small condoms may differ from one manufacturer to another. The Trojan ENZ measures 50 mm (1.97 inch) in width and has a length of 180mm (7.1 inch). With these measures it is the right one for all men who are looking for a tighter fit
when it comes to their condoms.

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Trojan ENZ is made out of premium latex, so do make sure that you will be using the right kind of lubricant for it. Non-oil or water-based lubricants are required by latex condoms. To maximize your protection, don’t make any mistakes about the lube. Oil-based lubes could damage the latex. If you use it mistakenly, you and your partner may no longer be protected.

Essentially, the Trojan ENZ condom is for the men who want a slightly smaller condom with no lubrication. This special type of condom is for men who want more than the ordinary. So if do you have special preference and you want them met, this condom brand and variant is just right for you.