Sustain Tailored Fit Condoms

sustain tailored fitMany men and women view condoms as no fun. Because of this they like to forgo using them. This is a common misconception that Sustain condom brand wants to change. Sustain now sells the Sustain Tailored Fit condom. This is a condom that is a bit smaller in width (49 mm) for a snugger fit and sustainably and ethically produced.

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Sustain Tailored Fit Size

Width: 49mm (1.93″)
Length: 186mm (7.32″)
Thickness: 0.065 mm
Shape: Straight

These smaller condom from Sustain condom brand are safe for both you and the world. The Sustain Tailored Fit condom line is certified vegan, non-GMO, fair trade rubber, animal cruelty free, and sustainable. All of the company’s product lines aim to be fair to the environment. With safe ingredients the product is still odor free and free of chemicals.

Sustain is dedicated to providing healthy lives for all people around the world. 10% of Sustain profits from the Lubricated Tailored Fit condoms are donated to women’s health initiatives. The initiatives supported vary but they all focus on helping women better themselves. Sustain even cares about their customer’s views. If you have a charity or non-profit that supports women’s health that you think could benefit from Sustain’s donations, you can suggest it.

Wondering where you can pick up Sustain Tailored Fit condoms? They can be found in your everyday stores, Pharmaca, Target, Whole Foods, and more. They can also be purchased online from specialized condom stores like or popular online retailers such as Amazon. Every Sustain condom package is discreet, that means that you don’t have to worry about other people knowing that you are buying condoms.

Sustain Tailored Fit Condoms are great for those who want an organic and fair trade condom with a snugger fit. They are perfect for guys with circumference below 4.7 inches. Sustain condoms are also the condom for those that care about what is in their condoms and a company’s sustainability practices.

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